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Unites people inspired to simplify your life choices, small & big.Our focus now & in the future will be to enable people to make better life choices quickly and collaboratively.

What is ChoicePunch?

Choices are expressions; our punch, counter-punch rather, when we are faced with a dilemma or a difficult decision to make.

It's not our physical or mental traits which make us who we are, ok, they do to a certain extent. But it' really the choices we make, the way we impress our will on the universe that makes us unique. Exactly, just like a snowflake (look at the top-left corner). Be it a daily chore such as which pair of shoes to wear to work or something much more serious such as breaking up with your girlfriend.

That is what ChoicePunch is. Your own prism/lens to the world to brightly display the rainbow of your choices. ChoicePunch is nothing without you, and is everything with you. No secret tech sauce to automatically solve your problems, but a community of people jut like you, who take pride in the choices they make. It's open, humble and honest.

Regret or Rejoice, it's your choice. We end up owning the choices we make, let's make the best choice we can - with ChoicePunch.


What's the story behind your logo?

Every choice is unique. No two people face a life problem in the same way. And as the adage goes... "No two snowflakes are alike." Our snowflake represents the idea that each choice is unique and nuanced, and it represents the united community of people inspired to simplify your life choices.

Our Team

Hamid Saify

Hamid is an Afghan-American entrepreneur with over 11 years of digital marketing & e-commerce experience. He has launched two previous e-commerce startups, both with successful exits.
Reachout to Hamid - hamid@choicepunch.com


Launched February 25th, 2013